Special Offers

There are more ways to save when you purchase a supply of Advantage, Advantage-Multi, or Advantix!

-Receive 1 FREE tube with purchase of a 4-pack of Advantage, Advantage-Multi, or Advantix
-Receive 2 FREE tubes with purchase of a 6-pack of Advantage, Advantage-Multi, or Advantix
We will supply your FREE tube(s) at time of purchase. Call or stop-in today!

If you are an existing client and we have seen your pet in the past, we are pleased to offer a special discount on all 3-year Rabies Vaccinations! If you are bringing your pet in for only a rabies vaccination, we will only charge for the vaccination itself and 1/2 office visit charge! Call today for an exact quote!

Announcing ProHeart 6: A Worry-free Way to Prevent Heartworm Disease in Your Dog!

We are now carrying ProHeart 6; a 6 month injectable Heartworm Preventative that only needs to be administered twice a year by your veterinarian, and there is no monthly tablet to give! We will send a reminder every 6 months when your dog is due. Give us a call and ask about ProHeart today!

We Offer a Multi-pet Discount!
-One pet = one full office visit charge
-Two+ pets = one full office visit charge, and a half price office visit for each additional pet
*Half price only applies to healthy pets for annual treatments only (i.e. vaccinations, annual heartworm test, annual fecal test, etc.). Any additional services, treatments, or diagnostics will be extra. However, half office visit can be applied to any pet during the office visit. No coupon necessary, a staff member will apply the discount at the time of your visit!

Heartgard/Frontline Promotion!

-Buy 3 months of Frontline and get 1 dose free
-Buy 6 months of Frontline and get 2 doses free
-Buy 12 months of Heartgard and get a $12 rebate coupon
*No need to bring a coupon; we have coupons in our office
**These offers are only available through a veterinarian and do not qualify with purchases from online pharmacies or retail stores.

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